Wireless Crop Monitoring

Solutions for Agriculture and Irrigation

Remote locations, long distances, topological and environmental challenges complicate the management of agricultural sites. Having staff available at a site to gather information and manage equipment is increasingly impractical and expensive. As the industry grows Banner Wireless and Ranch Systems solutions for agriculture and irrigation make it possible to monitor and control assets and resources that were previously inaccessible. Our access to unlimited sensors combined with our secure, wireless networks enable real-time information and equipment deployed in remote and distant locations, eliminating the need for site visits and onsite staff. Wirelessly monitor soil moisture, crop temperature, weather station data, and environmental conditions anywhere.

We can customize a wireless solution to fit your needs using our wide selection of Banner Wireless Radios. All our wireless products are delivered to you in a secure NEMA 4X Rated IP68 enclosure with a high gain dome antenna and an industrial strength mounting bracket.

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