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Cranberry Agriculture Monitoring

The cranberry, along with the blueberry and Concord grape, is one of North America's three native fruits that are commercially grown. The Cranberry farmers greatest concern is “Frost”. Frost can completely destroy a cranberry crop. That is where technology comes in. By wirelessly monitoring crop temperature with a temperature sensor and Banner Wireless radios temperature data can be transmitted to a server where rules are set for high or low temperature thresholds which when crossed trigger an alert sent via email, phone call and or text message directly to the farmer. This provide the farmer time to get his frost protection system up and running. If a farm is automated the farmer can remotely turn his irrigation system on from his computer or smartphone as a result of the technology available today. While frost protection is the leading benefit provided by wireless technology it is one of many benefits. Water savings as a result of starting and stopping only when thresholds are crossed, fuel savings, labor costs, bigger and better yields are just some of the benefits realized as a result of wirelessly monitoring fields. Other sensors like tensiometers(soil moisture probes) can help determine when and how much water to apply, level sensors help determine the availability of water and the need to move it around. Weather related sensors can help the decision making process as well. Our Banner wireless radios can provide information from any sensor that might result in a benefit to the farmer.

Strawberry Agriculture Monitoring

Strawberries are most appreciated for their bright red color, juicy texture and sweetness. As far as production goes Strawberry farmers are most concerned about temperature (frost protection) and water irrigation amount. Whether grown in a greenhouse or in the open field farmers need to know the temperature and soil water content many times a day in order to make the right decisions regarding temperature and water management. Our Banner wireless radios with temperature sensors and soil moisture sensors placed near the plants, allow a continuous monitoring of the crop. The grower can instantly check the strawberry status on their computer or mobile device and receive alerts when sensitive thresholds are reached. The benefits include: (A)Saving time because they do not have to spend as many hours in the field or greenhouse. (B) Building confidence because decisions are based upon real data being collected constantly. (C) Money and energy reducing daily water supply to the plant by as much as 30%. (D) Increase in yield and fruit size maintaining high and constant quality standards.

Vineyards and Fruit Crops

Oil and Gas Industry Monitoring

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